News on Torch in the Forest

The Authors on the Air blog radio interview is now archived, gentle readers! Please listen in, if you can:



Live radio interview Thursday, April 14!

PS: Eleanor wants to know what a radio is!


We have a lovely spot on Nina Crespo’s blog here:



Please, gentlepersons, visit this blog interview!

Lord Hugh 1Gentle readers, would you be so kind as to help Lady Eleanor’s hero vanquish his opponent on March 12? If ’tis your pleasure, please visit this link beginning midnight ET and closing midnight ET on March 12
Eleanor would be most grateful and entirely in your debt! *curtseys*

Watch for my blog post here on Thursday!: I can’t wait!


Happy Birthday, Entangled Publishing!

May 21 — super review!


March 30:

Love this review!

March 26:

Wonderful review in the Newport Beach Independent newspaper:

March 18:

It’s here! Ask questions of Scandalous authors and win an Amazon gift card.  Fun in the Great Hall with readers and authors!

March 9:

Look for Five Scandalous Nights and fun interaction between readers and authors from March 18-24 here:

March 5:

I’m honored to be a guest on Meradeth Houston’s blog here:

February 19:

Eleanor and Hugh appear in USAToday’s Happy Ever After Feature!

February 18:

Today is Torch in the Forest’s book birthday, so let the excitement begin!  Eleanor is peeking a little nervously out of her story, wondering what will happen next — blog tours? Reviews?  Twitter posts?  Hearing from readers?  Book club conference calls? Stay tuned to this spot for breaking news — not brought by messenger on horseback through the forest, either.


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