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Eleanor, Keeping Vigils, and St. Oswald’s Day

Naturally, Eleanor knows of St. Oswald, he having been the Archbishop of York and Bishop of Worcester, and she is well aware of his proclivity for keeping vigils. St. Oswald’s vigils were in keeping with his desire to shape up the monastic orders, so he would keep long vigils with the townsfolk and the brethren, encouraging them to be faithful. Eleanor, on the other hand, keeps her vigils for an entirely different reason — Lord Hugh. Her sleepless nights are haunted by dreams of his handsome visage, and she tosses and turns, wondering, will he ever pay her any mind, save for trying to belittle her intelligence and her management of her forests? Eleanor offers up a prayer to St. Oswald, in the hopes that someday, perhaps, she may be granted her wish — to be faithful to Lord Hugh. What think you, dear readers?


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