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Eleanor, Saint Anne’s Day, and Unmarried Women

Eleanor is well-aware of the meaning of today’s date, because it is the feast day of Saint Anne, the patron saint of unmarried women. Until recently, she’s been quite happy to be a widow, free of the disgusting Edgar, who fell off his ship on the way to the Crusade. Then, she met Lord Hugh, he of the intense, blue-eyed gaze and arrogant attitude, and her life changed. Now, she cannot rid herself of thoughts of him — thoughts that haunt her day and night. She blushingly admits to herself that she will now light a candle to St. Anne, in the hopes that Hugh might come to his senses and renounce his bid to wed her sister and ask for her hand, instead. But, how to convince him, when he is so stubborn? Please, St. Anne, come to our heroine’s aid!



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