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The World of Maps and Eleanor



Ah, only if Eleanor had had access to this information! She would be riveted by the fascinating bits of information and insights to be gleaned from these maps. A nerd ahead of her time, she pores over ancient maps and navigation charts and suchlike that come her way. This particular map is one of her favorites. Think of how powerful her beloved England is, conquering more than half the globe. Ah, conquering…that brings up an entirely different subject. Gazing out of her window at her forests, a far-off look in her eye, she daydreams of sailing away to places on those maps…and, she blushes at the thought….not sailing alone. Nay, how she wishes she could sail away with Lord Hugh, he of the strong hands and intense blue gaze. But, how could she? she scolds herself. Lord Hugh has asked for her sister’s hand in marriage, and he treats Lady Eleanor as if she were a ninny. If only he knew what she was really like. Might there be a map to show her the way to enlighten him?


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