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Happy King Kamehameha Day~

King Kamehameha Day2

Yes, he united all the islands, the first ruler to do so. Eleanor has no idea, of course. The only uniting she cares about is seeing Lord Hugh again — and under kinder circumstances than the last time, when he condescended to her, as always. Why is he always so arrogant? Why does he not trust her intelligence? Eleanor sighs. She will vanquish him; just give her time! Then, he’ll see what ruling really means.


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Eleanor and Hawaiian Music


Though being quite well-traveled and well-read for 1272, Lady Eleanor has no idea that far-off Hawaii even exists, and if she did, oh, my, gentle readers, she would daydream about being in that tropical paradise with Lord Hugh, dreaming that he’s holding her gently in his arms as the trade winds caress them….But (cold hard reality!), that’s not likely to happen, since Lord Hugh has made his antipathy toward her very obvious, not to mention his condescending treatment of her, and it’s all over the poaching conspiracy in their adjoining forests and his conviction that women are all brainless ninnies. Little does Lord Hugh know that he is about to  get to know the real Lady Eleanor, whose intelligence and wit will vanquish him, leaving him bereft until he can make her his. Oh, so perhaps Eleanor can dream of those tropical sunsets after all, and, the music, oh, the music! ‘Tis not like that music the jongleurs and musicians play in her Great Hall. Nay, not at all. Should you like to sample some, click on the last link below!

If you enjoy real, traditional, lyrical Hawaiian music, and if you’re ever on Oahu, don’t miss Sunday and Tuesday evenings at the O’Lelo Bar (families and kids welcome — outdoor venue w/great pupus, etc.) at the Aulani with island treasure Jerry Santos: http://www.olomanamusic.com/index.html and here’s a favorite song known all over the islands: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FgraeK4M9a0

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Eleanor and Kauai

Lihue United

First off, Eleanor has no idea that Kauai even exists, but, should she ever see it, she would surely feel at home, because this remote island resembles the village around her castle in so many ways. First, there are few shops and markets, and those that are here close when sun sets, just as they do in the village of Blystoke. Second, everything is built of stone — see the church — except, of course for the peasants’ thatched roof cottages.  Third, and most important, everyone knows who everyone else is — there are fewer than six degrees of separation here.  Ah, Eleanor sighs….six degrees or less of separation.  How she wishes there was less than one degree of separation between her and Lord Hugh.  Will they ever meet as one?


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Aloha from Eleanor and King Kamehameha Day

Now, of course, Eleanor has no inkling that there is such an event as King Kamehameha Day.  Indeed, she has never even heard of Hawaii — who would have even dreamed of this tropical paradise back in 1272?  However, knowing Eleanor, she would more than welcome a chance to put a lei around Lord Hugh’s neck (please, no homophone thoughts, here) and bid him a real aloha.  Her face burns, of course, at the thought of being so close to that devilishly handsome Lord Hugh, but, forsooth, she would paddle a canoe all the way to Hawaii if she could but gaze into his eyes, uninterupted.

So, let’s celebrate the unification of Hawaii under King Kamehameha, knowing that Eleanor longs to be united with Lord Hugh.  She  must, however, battle her despicable liege lord William — and even Lord Hugh, himself, whose marriage proposal to her sister now fills Eleanor with feelings that are quite the opposite of aloha!

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