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Happy New Year!


Eleanor is particularly thrilled this New Year! By looking at the above image, can you imagine why? Indeed, her face feels warm, her heart is beating quickly, and her hands are clasped in hope — perhaps, perhaps, this will be the year she can find true love! Of course, the very, very last person she would want to fall in love with is that arrogant, supercilious Lord Hugh, he of the piercing blue-eyed gaze that shakes her to her core. Eleanor frowns and unclasps her hands, doubling them into fists. Nay! she tells herself. She shall not quail under that gaze, but meet it headlong and vanquish him. How can he have the nerve to suggest that mismanagement of her forests is to blame for the rampant poaching both of their forests are experiencing? Most certainly not! Someone dastardly and connniving is at the bottom of this poaching, and she is determined to discover who it is. In the meantime, she does wish that being in the same room as Lord Hugh did not send her heart racing. It must be caused by anger, right, dear reader?


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Ringing in the New Year for Eleanor

Eleanor is thrilled that a New Year has arrived! Perhaps this will be the year she can vanquish that churlish scoundrel William, he of the greasy hands and lewd grins. She shudders delicately. What she would really like, she secretly admits, is to somehow convince Lord Hugh that she is not who he thinks she is, a ninny with no brain, and to see her for who she really is, someone with character and loyalty. But, how can she bring this about? A New Year holds such portent — such potential. Eleanor sips her goblet of wine and stares into the fire in the hearth. How will she achieve what she wants in her heart of hearts? She blushes at the thought; it is not the heat of the fire that has turned her face pink.

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