Eleanor and April Fool’s Day


Yes, even in 1272, Eleanor is quite aware of April Fool’s Day, ‘t being a longstanding tradition. When in the village on this date, she will often see one peasant send another on a “fool’s errand,” much to the merriment of all. Sadly, Eleanor often feels like a fool herself, even ‘pon days that are not April 1, thanks to that arrogant Lord Hugh, he of the intense, blue-eyed gaze, who attempts to stare her down when they discuss the poaching crimes in their adjoining forests. She will not stand for that sort of treatment, and thus he thinks her insolent and a ninny, when she makes her case. The other reason she feels a fool is that her heart flutters a bit when Lord Hugh crosses the drawbridge to her castle, ready to meet again about catching the poachers. How could she have so many conflicting feelings at once? Is she a fool, indeed?


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