Eleanor and the Coast


‘Tis a shocking fact, but true: Eleanor has never been to the coast! Of course, she knows of the sea, and, in fact, her horrid late husband met his fate on the high seas, on his way to fight in the crusade, but, she has seen only paintings of it. If she visited the shore, ‘t would take her a three days’ journey, because her castle and lands lie in the center of fair England. Indeed, why would she want to leave her forest chase for a glimpse of ocean? Who knows what havoc any miscreants might wreak in her absence– more poaching for that arrogant but ever-so-handsome Lord Hugh to castigate her about? Eleanor holds back a sigh…ah, Lord Hugh. Now, if he were to accompany her on a visit to the coast, ‘twould be an entirely different matter….but, she would have eyes only for him, not any cliffs of Dover or English Channel. So, all she can do is gaze out her window at her green forest, and only imagine it to be the vast blue and grey wave-tossed ocean–and dream of Lord Hugh…


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