Spilling It All….

online diaries

First of all, Eleanor has no idea what “online” means. On a line, somewhere? A line of what? But, without a doubt, she knows what a diary is, and she would never, ever reveal her innermost thoughts to the diary; she can barely accept them herself! Oh, that Lord Hugh, if only he wouldn’t haunt her dreams every night. To think that he will wed  her poor sister Mary–’tis unconscionable in the extreme. Poor Mary….ah, but poor Eleanor! She steels herself for her next meeting with that arrogant Lord Hugh. He is still accusing her of mismanagement of her lands and of allowing poachers in the forest. The nerve! If Eleanor had a diary (which she most decidedly does not), the pages would scorch from the incendiary words she would write about Lord Hugh. But online? Never! And her secret thoughts….oh, my….


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