In Honor of Valentine’s Day….

Valentine's Day


Of course, we all know Valentine’s Day is coming up, and not only Eleanor from TORCH IN THE FORESTY is thrilled, but, Spencer, the main character in my Young Adult novel, PLAYING WITH FIRE, is happy, too. She is crazy about Colby, the take-no-prisoners catcher on the varsity baseball team, but she has a secret she doesn’t want him to find out about. Can she handle the stress? Then there’s Mia, the main character in PLAYING CATCH, my new adult romance that I’m working on. She has to keep a secret from Cal, the baseball coach (do you see a pattern, here?) :), but it’s that she absolutely can’t stand him!

Dear readers, how do you keep secrets from your one-and-only?



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2 responses to “In Honor of Valentine’s Day….

  1. Fun secret surprises can be lots of fun 🙂 But anything bigger, well, I’m sure your characters know all about the troubles that can cause!!

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