A Reading Life: A Travel Map To Acceptance by Margo Sorenson

Nerdy Book Club

“Tomorrow, we’re wearing just our slips to school.  If you want to be in our secret club, you have to come to school wearing only your slip, no dress,” my new fifth-grade classmate said, her eyes shifting back to the other girls standing behind her.

I mean, really!  Who would believe this, even for a moment?  But, I was naïve, gullible, and in a totally foreign environment.  Luckily, after some disastrous interactions earlier in the week, my first-ever full-time week in an American elementary school, I was already on alert.  Some basic instinct kicked in, and it slowly dawned on me that they might be bullying me, so, even though I longed desperately to be in their secret club, I did wear a dress over my slip the next day.  Just imagine!

Update: I had been dropped down unceremoniously by my sweet, but equally-clueless, parents into a brand-new culture, nominally…

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