Eleanor and Baby Bunnies — ‘Tis Easter!

fluffle of bunnies

Eleanor is quite beside herself viewing the cuteness of these adorable, tiny baby bunnies! One of the stablehands brought them out to show her, and she wishes she could take them into the castle and turn them into pets. Then, after thinking about it, she realizes that five bunnies hopping about the castle would definitely send the dogs into a frenzy, not even to mention the clean-up that the servants would not be too cheerful about doing. She fears castle-breaking the bunnies might be a very difficult training task, indeed. Holding the bunnies herself, she promises she’ll come to the stables often to visit them. Easter is on its way, and the bunnies have arrived at just the right time. They timed their appearance perfectly. Gently, she pets each furry little head. How she wishes Lord Hugh would be as docile as these tiny bunnies, but, oh, no, not he. Of course, he must strut about in that maddeningly arrogant fashion he has, and then casting supercilious glances at her when they are discussing the management of their adjoining forest lands. With a sigh and a little kiss on the tops of their heads, Eleanor gives the bunnies back to the stablehand. If only Lord Hugh could be so cuddly and cute. Hmmmm…..


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