Eleanor and the Angels in Spring Training

Angels Spring Training
Eleanor is quite intrigued by this painting (it must be a painting; what else could it be in 1272 AD?) she found lying in the stable straw when she went to find the Master of the Horse so he could ready her hunter and her knights’ mounts for a duck hunt in her forest. At first, when she saw it, she blushed; she has not seen men so tightly clothed in that manner, ever. Once she was able to put that disturbing thought aside, a number of questions arose in her mind. For what battle might they be preparing? she wonders. Why are they not wearing armor? What are their weapons? Alas, though they appear to be fleet of foot, without any kinds of arms or protection, she fears they are doomed. Somewhere, she thinks she has heard the term “angels,” but, surely, these are not they. First, they have no wings, nor do they have halos (though she thinks she might have heard the Angels are called the Halos), nor are they robed in white, although their leggings (Eleanor’s cheeks warm again) are white. Why are they running? she asks herself. Is someone chasing them? Or are they after a prize? They seem quite fit, so surely, they should easily gain whatever prize it is that they wish. Perhaps if she were to ask Lord Hugh (oh, what he would look like garbed thusly!), he might be able to tell her more. But, she scolds herself, she would not stoop so low as to let Lord Hugh think she needed to ask him for information about anything, much less about such a scandalous-looking painting. Eleanor gazes at the painting again. They appear to be an intent, focused group. On what could they be focused, she wonders? She heard mutterings among the stable boys of somesuch called “Spring Training.” Hmmm, she muses. For what are they training? Again, she thinks of Lord Hugh. He could use some training, himself, she snorts, particularly in how to treat a lady graciously and give her credit for her intelligence. But, she sighs, his arrogance is matched only by his handsomeness, so, any kind of training for Lord Hugh, necessary though it might be, may never happen. White leggings, she muses…..



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2 responses to “Eleanor and the Angels in Spring Training

  1. meradethhouston

    You know, I think I’d rather enjoy watching spring training myself. *blush*

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