Alas! Eleanor Wrings Her Hands!

Lord Hugh 1

Alas, the tournament is over, and, sadly, Lord Hugh went down to defeat….but only in a cyber, virtual manner. Eleanor wrings her hands a bit, gazing out the window at her forest, but, ultimately, she knows that in the real world, there is no one who could vanquish Lord Hugh, he of the intense blue-eyed gaze that sets her pulse racing!

Down the winding stone staircase she goes, directly to the Great Hall. ‘Tis time for a goblet of wine while she awaits the entrance of the real, flesh-and-blood (Eleanor blushes at the word ‘flesh’) Lord Hugh. He wishes to discuss her supposed mismanagement of her lands, and she must be at the ready. How can she argue with him, she wonders, when every time her eyes meet his, every cogent thought she has vanishes from her brain? Courage, she tells herself. She can do this! What think you, Gentle Reader?


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Filed under Eleanor and Technology, Eleanor and the Modern Age

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