The Three-Iron and Eleanor

First of all, Eleanor has no idea what a 3-iron is, this being 1272. Golf was not invented until the 1500’s on the Scottish coast. Also, there were no household irons, either, in 1272, and, even if there had been, Eleanor wouldn’t have been anywhere near one, she being the lady of the castle. Still, she is hearing little whispers of some sort of a “club” (*that* she does know about — used in battle, clubs are) being thrown into some kind of lake. Gentle readers, we shall not delve into another famous use of an iron, this a 4-iron, used to break a window of an SUV with a formerly famous golfer inside, and that for a very good reason, Eleanor would agree.

But, back to the 3-iron. Eleanor wonders, how angry would someone have to be to throw something special into a lake? She wouldn’t throw anything special into a lake at all. Now, on the other hand, she would consider throwing something very UNspecial into a lake. With a little smile, she imagines herself throwing her overlord, the disgusting Lord William of Litchfield, into a lake, if only she could. Ah, then there’s the Lord Hugh….Blushing, she admits to herself that she would never throw him into a lake, but, that doesn’t mean she hasn’t thought about it, he, being the condescending, arrogant man that he is. How she would love to give him his comeuppance! Eleanor sighs….but then, there are those intense blue eyes, and the way that her pulse races when she is near him. What is she to do? A 3-iron….Lord Hugh…Her feelings roil inside her, par for the course…



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2 responses to “The Three-Iron and Eleanor

  1. ha ha, very fun Marcie! It is ridiculous how golfers adore the silly game, yet love to smash their clubs!

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