March Madness is Driving Eleanor Crazy–er–Mad for March 12!

Lord Hugh 1Gentle readers, as you may remember, Eleanor is beside herself with anticipation! Lord Hugh has been entered in the Entangled March Madness Tournament! She now knows ‘t shall take place March 12, a day she now awaits eagerly. Ah, yes, ’tis all about Lord Hugh, for, those who wish can vote for him ‘gainst his rival, Drake. This Eleanor understand clearly.

However, there is one aspect of this tourney that troubles her, and, perhaps, gentle readers, you may clear her confusion. She has heard it bruited about the castle that one must go somewhere called “the internet” to vote for Lord Hugh on March 12, at a place that (this truly makes Eleanor blush!) is called What, pray tell, is the internet? ‘T cannot be a village in England, Eleanor muses. Perhaps ’tis some tiny hamlet with only a few crofts and peasants. If so, how can she or others even hope to find it? And the Is that the name of a croft or somesuch? She is mightily perplexed.

In any event, she will investigate as best she can, all the while gazing out her window every now and then, hoping to catch a glimpse of that arrogant, but handsome, Lord Hugh, whose blue-eyed gaze makes her shiver from head to toe.

Stay at the ready!


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