Umbrella Day, Eleanor, and the Elements


Ah, ’tis National Umbrella Day, in truth! Yes, the painting above is lovely, but, gentle reader, ’twas painted in 1606 by Anthony Van Dyke, almost four hundred years later than Eleanor’s time. No umbrellas were in use or available for Eleanor in medieval England in 1272. If it rains at Strathcombe, Eleanor stays in the castle. If she’s out, hunting in the chase (not Lord Hugh, though she would like to), and a cloudburst occurs, she must put on her heavy cloak and wait under some sheltering trees. Once there is a break in the weather, then, she and her knights will ride quickly back to Strathcombe. She will sit by the giant hearth in the Great Hall and warm herself, but, she would far prefer to have Lord Hugh’s strong arms around her, warming her. A blush! She is sure it must be the heat from the fireplace. How could she even be thinking of that arrogant Lord Hugh in this manner?



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2 responses to “Umbrella Day, Eleanor, and the Elements

  1. meradethhouston

    What a really interesting picture! Now I’m curious when umbrellas were first invented–definitely needing one here today 🙂 But, better than snow-boots any day!

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