Eleanor, Newlyweds and Brides

St. Dorothy

Eleanor, being quite well-read for a woman of her times, (gentle reader, you know ’tis 1272), most definitely has heard of St. Dorothy of Caesarea, she who was martyred and is the patron saint of both newlyweds and brides. Even though she is blushing at the thought of newlyweds and brides, Eleanor is quite captivated by the idea that St. Dorothy was able to convert that irritating lawyer Theophilus to Christianity even as she was walking to her death. Ah, how she would like to convert that irritating Lord Hugh into letting him see who she truly is, not the annoying ninny he obviously thinks she is. Eleanor sighs and gazes out the window of her solar at the forest. Would Lord Hugh, he of those intense blue eyes, be thinking of her in the same way? She frowns. What can she do to convert him, change his mind? Dear readers, do you have any suggestions for Eleanor?



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2 responses to “Eleanor, Newlyweds and Brides

  1. meradethhouston

    I’ll admit it–I haven’t heard of this Saint before, and I am absolutely going to have to go read her story 🙂

    • ‘Tis a sad story, but bittersweet, just as Eleanor thinks of her story with Hugh….but, she does not yet know how ‘t shall end! My thanks for stopping by, Milady! *curtseys*

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