What is a Souper Bowl? Eleanor Wonders

Tom Brady

There is much talk among the servants at the castle of something called “the souper bowl,” and Eleanor is quite beside herself. What, indeed, is a souper bowl? It might be a very large bowl for the soup, but, Eleanor cannot imagine why anyone would want a bigger bowl than he or she had already been served, since all one has to do is signal one of the servants, and more soup shall be brought forthwith. The thought of a gigantic bowl in front of her, filled with chopped eels and other assorted victuals is enough to make her ill. Then, in addition, she has found this picture on the stairs leading to the Great Hall. What could it be? They seem to be men in some kind of armor, but why they do not have chain mail covering their arms, or a visor, seems to be foolhardy. Do they not expect a spear or a sword or arrow to pierce them through? Perhaps they know something she does not. Though they certainly seem able to take care of themselves, not lacking for musculature (Eleanor blushes, here), she is quite sure that Lord Hugh (oh, she needs to still her heart!) could dispatch them in a moment with his battle skills. Lord Hugh would not be so foolish as to venture onto a battlefield so briefly clothed as these men seem to be. She hopes that nothing ill befalls them. Perhaps if they have enough hearty soup in a souper bowl, they shall come through unscathed. She hopes so….


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