Aha! Mischief Abounds!

Well! Eleanor smiled to herself. She has just heard whisperings from the servants at the castle that a National Day of Mischief is coming up. What fun she could have! First, her steward is far too stuffy; perhaps a putting bunch of grapes in his goblet instead of the wine would jolt him out of his accustomed dour demeanor. But, whom she’d really like to startle with some mischief is that arrogant Lord Hugh, he whose blue-eyed gaze makes her feel lightheaded and dizzy. He is quite sure that she is a ninny of the first water, and, so, she should think of a bit of mischief that would set him back a few paces. She could pop out from behind a tree in the forest, shouting “AHA!” and startling his horse. Or, at dinner in the Great Hall, she could arrange for a live flounder to be placed on his platter, instead of the poached one, and she could say, “I see you’ve flounder.” Or, she could…..Any suggestions for further mischief, dear readers? Don’t forget to create your own!


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