Eleanor and Take-No-Prisoners Ray Donovan

Ray Donovan

There are many qualities about Ray Donovan that Eleanor admires. She loves his “I’ll fix this” attitude and wishes she could apply it to that wretched Lord William of Litchfield. His eyes have the same intense gaze that (oh, be still my heart) Lord Hugh has, also. She has no thought of a relationship with Ray Donovan, however, because Lord Hugh has stolen her heart. Besides, Ray is a little scary!

The fascination with the TV show “Ray Donovan” seems to be rooted in our own desire to be able to ignore the rules sometimes, be ruthless in seeking goals, and be extremely creative in problem-solving. Naturally, acting like Ray Donovan on a daily basis would lose us many friends, irritate family members, and antagonize strangers! It’s a good thing we’re not characters in a TV program. What do you think, readers?


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