Eleanor and (Gasp!) Humidity

Fanning herself vigorously, Eleanor gazes out the window of her solar at the dark, green forest. Its verdant glades and cool retreats beckon her. She cannot remember such a hot and humid summer! Perhaps she should ask her Master of the Horse to saddle up her horse and, with some of her knights along for safety (who knows what brigands or poachers lurk in the chase?), she could seek out some respite from the heat. Oh. But wait. Eleanor frowns a bit. What if she were to encounter that terrible Lord Hugh on the ride? She wouldn’t dare meet his intense blue gaze — or surely, then she would perish of the heat she would feel. When will she get a respite from the heat — and Lord Hugh?



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2 responses to “Eleanor and (Gasp!) Humidity

  1. Hope you find a way to stay cool, m’dear 🙂

  2. My thanks, Milady! *fans self*

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