Eleanor and European Maritime Day

Maritime Day

Eleanor is quite pleased! She’s heard that it’s European Maritime Day, and she knows that all the captains and sailors will be gathering to share stories about their sailing craft and techniques and ships. Perhaps the captains will discuss how to build better railings on ships to keep inebriated gentlemen from falling into the sea and drowning, as did her late husband, that cur Edgar. Of course, she never would have wished that would happen to Edgar, (she’s not *that* kind of person), but, since it did, her life has been happy without the horrid man. Indeed, she wonders if Lord Hugh, her arrogant neighboring lord, will be in attendance. She blushes to think of him, striding about, his handsome head held high, his intense blue eyes piercing into everyone’s soul, just as she feels it does to hers. Eleanor sighs. What can she do to convince him she’s not the person he believes her to be? How can she make him understand her sister Mary is not the one for him, but that she is the one? How she would love to be on the deck of a galleon in full sail, Lord Hugh’s arms around her, holding her closely…



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2 responses to “Eleanor and European Maritime Day

  1. Oooh, I could definitely go for a sail like that… 🙂

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