Dodgers’ Spring Training and Eleanor

Dodgers Spring Training

Bemused, Eleanor studies the picture she has found outside the stables. Forsooth, she has never seen such a sight! Men are dressed in strange clothing, the like of which she has never seen before, and they seem to be holding large balls in the air. They do not wear the garb of jongleurs or of the traveling troubadours, so why they would be holding these balls makes no sense to her at all. Another puzzlement: some of the stable boys were mumbling about “spring training” when she was preparing to ride to the hunt. Why would anyone have to train for spring? she wonders. Spring just happens, she told herself. Indeed, why would anyone have to train for anything, save for jousting and combat? Then she sighs, thinking of Lord Hugh, who is scheduled to joust, soon. How she would love to wear his colors. Would they be blue and white, perchance?


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