Eleanor and the Oscars


Blushing hotly, Eleanor stoops to pick up this strange-looking small statue that she has found on the stone stairs leading down to the Great Hall. She is blushing, because it is obvious that this tiny man is wearing absolutely nothing. Quickly, she looks about, but no servants, nor her ladies-in-waiting are anywhere to be seen. What should she do with it? She could hardly leave it there on the stairs, because everyone has already been gossiping enough about some folderol called the Oscars, and she suspects that this statue is somehow involved. As they had been serving her the cod poached in verjuice last midday, the servants had been whispering about “a gold statue” that would be awarded to some actors. Actors! Eleanor shudders delicately. They are mostly reprehensible types, not as worthy as traveling jongleurs and troubadours. Thus, she should not be found with this statue in hand. What shall she do? What would Lord Hugh think, were he to happen upon her, holding this tiny, unclothed statue? Most certainly all the wrong things, she asserts. Lord Hugh thinks he knows everything, but, indeed, he most certainly does not! Eleanor stares at the statue and blushes again…


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