The Olympics and Eleanor


Eleanor is fairly certain she has heard of the Olympics, but, ’twas in a classical treatise from some ancient scholar. Servants in the castle and townsfolk have been nattering about these Olympics, but why, she cannot imagine. First, they cannot read even English, much less Greek, which is how she read about the Olympics to begin with. Second, what kinds of strange activities are these — biathlon? ice dancing? She cannot fathom what dancing on ice must be like, although, now that she thinks about it, she wouldn’t mind dancing with Lord Hugh — on anything — even ice. Eleanor blushes as she imagines Hugh’s arms encircling her. Indeed, if they were dancing on ice, she could rely on the heat of him to keep her warm. Now her cheeks flame in earnest, and she closes her eyes. Could she bring the Olympics to Strathcombe — and bring Lord Hugh, as well?


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