Marilyn Monroe and Eleanor


Eleanor is aghast! Somehow this…this…painting?…has been found in the Great Hall! Some of the more unruly knights obviously brought it in with them and were passing it about with glee, they most likely being in their cups a bit after overmuch wine. How could they even look at such…such exposure? Indeed, this statue, (for surely it must be a statue — no real woman was that large!), appears to Eleanor to be even more indecent than some of the Roman and Greek statuary she has (blushingly) seen. There is something about this woman that obviously enthralled the knights. Eleanor cannot find the right words to describe it, and she blushes again. Lord Hugh — has he seen this? What would he think? She could not, would not, ever think of dressing this way, even if it would attract Lord Hugh, which, of course, she would not want to do. Or would she…?


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