An Empty Leg and Eleanor

empty leg

Good heavens! Eleanor is astounded! She has heard the term “empty leg” being bruited about the castle, and it has something to do with that elusive “souper bowl” — or was it “super bowl” recently. But, to Eleanor, an empty leg is what the knights joke about when they talk about drinking ever so much wine — indeed — perhaps far too much wine. The wine supposedly fills up an empty leg that they have. Hmph! Eleanor snorts. By the rood, the way the tipsy knights disport themselves in the Great Hall, they needed more than only one empty leg. But, she still wonders…what does an empty leg have to do with a super bowl? She stares out the glazed window into her forest, and wonders…what does that dreadfully handsome Lord Hugh think of empty legs. As she thinks of his legs, she blushes. Oh, heavens forfend the thought!



Filed under Eleanor and the Modern Age

2 responses to “An Empty Leg and Eleanor

  1. What does an empty leg have to do with that disaster of a game? Hmm, I think some googling is in order for me 🙂

    • My thanks, Milady! *curtseys* Empty legs are available empty seats for booking on the private jets that could ferry the saddened Broncos’ fans home if their commercial airline flights canceled because of the weather! I only just found out about it myself…the poor Super Bowl/souper bowl fans only wanted to get home and tend their wounds in peace, and they couldn’t even get there!

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