Eleanor and Bridge Problems

Ah, Eleanor has been enthralled with the reports of traffic problems on bridges, although she wonders where “New Jersey” is. She knows quite well where “Jersey” is, of course. Thankfully, there are no problems on her drawbridge. The knights trot their horses across with no problem, and visiting nobles arrive with their retinues, including horse-drawn carts laden with chests of clothes and gifts for her, as the hostess. Imagine what ‘twould be like, having a blockage on her drawbridge to Blystoke! Horses pawing at the ground, knights and nobles complaining loudly, dogs barking, ladies-in-waiting fainting at the clamour — what a catastrophe! Eleanor does have one thought, however. She would not mind in the slightest being in a traffic jam on the bridge with Lord Hugh…although he would, no doubt, spur his horse to a gallop and ride roughshod through all the melee. Ah, that is one of the characteristics that so draws her to him. Perhaps she could arrange a bridge problem, after all….



Filed under Eleanor and the Modern Age

2 responses to “Eleanor and Bridge Problems

  1. Being in a traffic jam with Lord Hugh? Poor Eleanor, I’m not sure it could be a good idea. Men usually get hysteric in traffic jams and don’t look very sexy! 😉

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