Eleanor and the Christmas Holidays

Albero Perugia

Eleanor is quite taken with the whole idea of Christmas. Giving gifts to celebrate the birth of the Christ Child is a time that she looks forward to all year. She arranges for the Great Hall to be decorated with swaths of greenery and red velvet, and she has been busily doing her needlepoint to sew something special for her dear sister, Mary, a small bag to keep her treasures in. How she wishes she could make a gift for Lord Hugh, but, she is sure he would turn that arrogant gaze on her and sneer. Well, maybe he wouldn’t…after all, that time that his hand brushed hers and he looked at her longingly and searchingly….what had happened, then? In the meantime, she studies the picture of the lighted tree on the hillside. How did people accomplish that? Did they actually light candles all about the hillside? She is puzzled, but admires the beauty. She dreams of Christmas — and of Lord Hugh. Back to the needlepoint, she turns with a sigh.



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2 responses to “Eleanor and the Christmas Holidays

  1. I love needlepoint! It’s so relaxing and cozy in Winter! Merry Christmas, Eleanor!

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