Eleanor and Pope Nicholas I


Today, Eleanor celebrates the birthday of Pope Nicholas I, he who upheld the inviolability of marriage. She cringes a bit, thinking of her late husband, Edgar, that cur, who treated her so shamefully, but, she is sure the kind pope would have understood her joy and relief at Edgar’s falling off the ship on the way to the Crusades. Pope Nicholas I surely wouldn’t have wanted her to endure any more suffering than she already had. Marriage, she muses. How she wishes — or does she?– that she and Hugh could be married. No. Heavens forfend the thought! She would no more want to spend her life with that arrogant man than….well…than…. Blushing, she sighs and opens her Book of Hours, hoping to find consolation. What would Pope Nicholas think of her thoughts for Lord Hugh? She’d prefer not to know!


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