Eleanor and Tapering

You can surely imagine Eleanor’s surprise at learning about tapering. For her, tapers are what are lit to guide everyone’s passages through the dark halls of Blystoke and other castles she visits. Tapering also is what her feelings do when she thinks of having to marry that despicable William. Her thoughts taper off into blankness and she reaches for a goblet of wine. She can’t imbibe too much, however, for she must keep her faculties sharp. Plotters are scheming to take her forests from her and to ruin her and her sister’s lives. Alas, her feelings for Lord Hugh are not tapering in the least, she blushes to think. What can she do? What would Ben Bernanke suggest? Put a call on Hugh? She certainly could not think of shorting him. She takes another sip and ponders what the future holds.


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Filed under Eleanor and Technology, Eleanor and the Modern Age

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