Eleanor on the Road

imageWhen Eleanor chooses to go on the road, she sends a servant to notify her Master of the Horse and her knights, as well as Nicholas the Steward, so that all the horses, guards, and provisions will be at the ready. Naturally, she has never heard the term “road trip,” this year being 1272. ‘Twould take her two days to journey to see that devilishly handsome Lord Hugh, a time she would spend daydreaming of his intense blue eyes and what it might feel to have his strong arms around her. Truly, she blushes at the thought. A modern road trip would flummox her, indeed; she would arrive at Lord Hugh’s castle in a few hours’ time, not giving her enough time to plan how to defeat his plans for wedding her sister. Besides, horses need no fuel besides hay, nor they ever get flat tires. Eleanor would far prefer her own time period, should she be given the choice. Now, what to do about Hugh and her sister?



July 13, 2013 · 4:43 pm

2 responses to “Eleanor on the Road

  1. I think I’d prefer horseback myself sometimes. I get seriously sick of being stuck in a car after a while 🙂

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