Eleanor and Nachos

Nachos? Eleanor ponders the word.  She heard it whispered in the castle kitchens, and, at first she thought someone was saying “not yours,” but it didn’t parse out.  The servants were exclaiming over “cheese!” “jalapenos!” “guacamole!” “salsa!” “shredded pork!” “chips!” but, the only words she understood were cheese and pork, never having heard of the other words at all.  Nachos, she decided, must be something to eat, perhaps from Spain, judging from the word “salsa,” and, she heard they were quite spicy, but, she dare not serve anything unknown to any of her guests in the Great Hall.  Heavens forfend if one of them should become ill from eating such strange foods, not to mention so spicy, into the bargain.  Most certainly, were she to serve any such to Lord Hugh, and, should he dislike the nachos, she would never hear the end of it!  She shudders at the thought of what rude comments he might say to her…but, then, she shudders at the thought of being so near to him at table….and ’tis an entirely different kind of shudder.  Eleanor muses….why not hunt down these “nachos,” and try them, after all….if they are spicy, perhaps ’tis just what her life needs at the moment.



Filed under Eleanor and the Modern Age

2 responses to “Eleanor and Nachos

  1. Blast, now I’m seriously hungry! 🙂

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