Eleanor and Mother’s Day

Alas, Eleanor has no mother any longer, but, she remembers her with fondness.  Indeed, as far as mothering goes, she tries to act as parent to her dear sister, Mary, and to try to keep her in England, instead of Mary’s being forced to marry that rheumy old count in France.  Heavens forfend!  In addition, nasty, lecherous William, her liege lord, is scheming to marry her and make her the stepmother of his poor infant, whose own mother left this earth for a place much more pleasant than Litchfield and life with William.  The thought of wedding William makes her skin crawl — ’tis not to be countenanced!  Truly, Eleanor has no idea that Mother’s Day even exists.  First things, first, after all.   Thoughts assault her hourly of handsome Lord Hugh and how she can possibly contrive to see him again.  Then, however, she must be on her guard, for Hugh is bent on proving her wrong.  How can she possibly deal with all of this? Any suggestions, dear readers?



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  1. My dear, I think you need to stop by my blog today (again, I know)!

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