Eleanor and the Royal Family’s Visit to Hogwarts

First of all, Eleanor is entranced by the idea that the royal family would visit anyone; she’s always hoped they would stop by Blystoke for a fortnight or so.  Since the royal family is only King Edward I at the present (1272) and his wife, Eleanor of Castile (fortuitous name choice), she wonders who indeed comprises the royal family…and, besides, he is still on his way back to England from the Holy Land, so, how can he be visiting anyone while he is on a ship in the middle of the Mediterranean?

Then, she overhears the servants discussing a Prince William and a Duchess of Cambridge and a Prince Harry.  Further, she hears ’tis “Hogwarts” they have visited.  Forsooth!  Such an unpleasant name, she muses.  Why would anyone want to visit such a place.  Who are these people, anyway? she wonders

Of course, she has no access to this: http://t.co/hQ6XwR3zTb  Whatever would she think?


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