Eleanor and the Tweet that Crashed the Market

Eleanor cannot believe her ears!  A tweet that crashed the market?  Immediately, she wonders, which market?  Usually, there is a large market fair twice a year, and there is a small market in neighboring village of Wykeham (whose lord is that unsettlingly handsome Lord Hugh — her pulse races!), but, she cannot begin to imagine what this market crash means.  She gets a visual of a gigantic flock of small, twittering birds, (surely, they must be blue), crashing into stalls, sending apples and onions rolling and lettuce and parsnips bouncing across the muddy lane.

How could anyone have ever let this happen? she wonders.  Indeed, what does Lord Hugh think of this market crash? Perhaps they could meet to discuss it, over goblets of wine in the Great Hall….Eleanor would be happy to use any excuse, even a tweet, to meet with Lord Hugh, but she can’t let him know the depth of her feelings…

Dear readers, do you think she should meet with him?



Filed under Eleanor and Technology, Eleanor and the Modern Age

2 responses to “Eleanor and the Tweet that Crashed the Market

  1. Hell yes! *ahem* I mean, yes. Definitely.

    And now I’m going to be googling tweets and the market, because I’ve been avoiding the news lately and feel totally clueless 🙂

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