Eleanor and a Mouseketeer or a Musketeer?

Today, Eleanor noticed many of the servants had an air of melancholy about them, and she was wondering why, so she tried to unobtrusively listen in on their conversations.  She heard them whisper something about a “mouseketeer,” but, surely they meant either a mouse, or a musketeer, for she’s never heard of anything so passing strange as a “mouseketeer.”

Then one of them mentioned the name Annette, which she found quite strange, because it is a French name, to be sure.  Were they sad about a French mouse, perhaps?  Most certainly a musketeer could never be named Annette, since, although women could be strong and fierce in their loyalties, as she herself tried to be, they still could not be musketeers.

Because Eleanor doesn’t have access to this: http://www.latimes.com/news/obituaries/la-me-annette-funicello-20130409,0,7544807.story she will have to continue her wondering.

Mourning a mouse? she questions.  Why?


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