A Blog Tour? Eleanor Wonders…..

Much to her befuddlement, Eleanor has heard whispers in the castle (oh, those whispers!) about something involving a “blog tour.”  A blog tour? she asks herself.  Did they mean to say “bog tour”? Why anyone would want to tour one of the bogs in the forest is quite beyond her ken.  They are nasty, slimy, well…boggy…places, and her horse Autumn shies away from them.  The only person that could convince her to get anywhere near a bog would be Lord Hugh, he of the intense blue gaze that sends unaccustomed shivers down her spine.  Eleanor sighs and stares out the window of her solar, wishing she could see through the leagues of trees all the way to Wykeham and, oh, that Lord Hugh.  The other conundrum Eleanor wonders about is, who is this “Marcie” that is doing a bog tour?  There are no servants or ladies-in-waiting named such.  Maybe all will become clear, but, in the meantime, she will try not to dream of Lord Hugh, his arms around her, his eyes locked on hers…



Filed under Eleanor and Technology, Eleanor and the Modern Age

2 responses to “A Blog Tour? Eleanor Wonders…..

  1. Fun times! Wishing you lots of luck with your tour!!

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