Eleanor and a Scandalous Event!

Eleanor is blushing hotly, for she has overheard chatter in the Great Hall about some sort of a “scandalous event” — and that it involves her and Lord Hugh!  How could anyone have found out how she truly feels about him?  Those dreams she’s been having of his strong arms encirlcing her, of his firm mouth…well…she blushes again at the very idea!  She cannot countenance the idea that others are privy to her innermost thoughts!

We can’t let Eleanor know that, truly, the Scandalous event is this:


She would not have the faintest idea about what the internet, or Facebook, or “commenting” are, unfortunately.  To Eleanor, messages are sent on horseback by messenger, not through cyberspace.  So, we will have to leave Eleanor to her vivid dreams, while the rest of us can find out what is really going on between her and Lord Hugh!



Filed under Eleanor and Technology, Eleanor and the Modern Age

2 responses to “Eleanor and a Scandalous Event!

  1. Ahhh, poor Eleanor and missing out on the amazing thing that is facebook… 🙂 Can I trade places?

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