Eleanor Asks, “What is a Facebook?”

Heavens, forfend!  Lady Eleanor is quite puzzled by the whispers she’s heard throughout the castle, something about a Facebook event.  First, she has no idea what a Facebook is, having very few books of her own, save her Bible, Le Roman de la Rose, and her Book of Hours.  Second, she imagines that it is a book of faces, and she wonders whose faces they might be.  Pondering that idea, she blushes as she thinks of Lord Hugh’s face, and how she would love to gaze upon his face day and — yes — night.  If ’twere true that his face might be in that book, she needs to acquire one.  Then, she hears the word “scandalous” in tandem with the Facebook event, and then her pulse races, thinking of the scandalous thoughts she’s had of Lord Hugh, thoughts that no one else can ever know, most especially Lord Hugh!



Filed under Eleanor and Technology, Eleanor and the Modern Age

2 responses to “Eleanor Asks, “What is a Facebook?”

  1. This makes me think of the first time I heard about Facebook and I honestly was like “wait, what? A book of faces? Er, no thanks!” It’s such a strange name really!

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