Eleanor and Being a Guest

Eleanor loves being a guest, because it means she doesn’t have to do all the planning with Gilbert the Steward for the feast — lining up all the provisions, the beeves, the doves, the eels, the pigs, the chickens, the fishes, and she doesn’t have to plan all the intricate dishes, such as the “subtleties,” the peacock served with its feathers still on,  with the cooks.  Instead, all she has to do is make conversation, which, in this instance, she is most happy to do!  Please click on the hyperlink to stop by and leave a comment, if you’re not planning a feast of your own!  http://t.co/WP6jaKq9kv  Oh, and please don’t even breathe the word “hyperlink,” because Eleanor has no idea what that might be; she thinks she’s visiting a castle, truly!



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2 responses to “Eleanor and Being a Guest

  1. I’ll admit I’ve always thought the peacock with the tail feathers thing was really gross. Did they know how disgusting those birds really are. Ick! 🙂

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