Eleanor’s Happy Book Birthday! Torch in the Forest is Here!

Cue the trumpets! Is there any celebration more glorious than that of a “book birthday”?  Today is TORCH IN THE FOREST’s birthday, and in the Middle Ages, instead of an actual birthday date, people celebrated their saint’s feast day.

Today is the Feast of St. Simeon, a strong fellow praised both for his willingness to be direct in dire circumstances — and for his patience — both qualities which are shared by our fearless heroine Lady Eleanor and our hero Lord Hugh. I had to learn these qualities – believe me! – in writing their story.  So, here’s to our St. Simeon’s feast day/ TORCH IN THE FOREST birthday celebration!

Eleanor and Hugh had to express directly how they really felt inside – their passion, their fear of being carried away – their desire. As a writer, I had to allow myself (shy, reclusive me!) to let them be who they really were and not allow them to be hobbled by my shrinking-violet tendencies and be direct, no matter what the cost — St. Simeon, indeed!  Then there is patience – ah, patience – so clearly exhibited by both Eleanor and Hugh, in spite of their obsession with each other and their deep, hidden desires – well – they were hidden most of the time, anyway.  Patience was critical when they needed patience to solve the crime, patience to try and harness their strong feelings – feelings of all kinds, truly — and they couldn’t always do that (blush!) — and patience to let events unfold as they needed to in the plot.  As for me, I had to be patient with both Eleanor and Hugh, allowing them to follow their own courses of action – not mine – as they navigated the rocky, treacherous course of medieval intrigue and intense, forbidden passion.  They didn’t always do what I thought they should – heavens, forfend! It was indeed a journey!

*Trumpets sound!* Enter, Lady Eleanor and Lord Hugh, into the Great Hall, and let our revels begin!

Happy book birthday!  Happy feast day!  Hoist your goblets!



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6 responses to “Eleanor’s Happy Book Birthday! Torch in the Forest is Here!

  1. Gina Shaw

    Here’s to Eleanor and Hugh…and to the lovely Marcie Kremer who brought them to life!

  2. It takes a brave Lady to allow her characters to be who they need to be despite her ‘shrinkin violet tendencies’. Bravo to Marcie and Happy Book Birthday!

  3. Giant congrats to you on your release! Looking forward to meeting Eleanor & Hugh as well!!

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