Valentine’s Day — and Eleanor’s Dilemma

Valentine’s Day!  Romance!  Love!  Flowers!  Candy!  Our Lady Eleanor knows nothing of Valentine’s Day, it being only 1272, and it took Chaucer to popularize the “oh-be-still-my-heart” holiday in the following century.  Indeed, she could not even begin to imagine little Cupid with his bow and arrows, flying about, targeting innocent ladies and not-so-innocent lords.  Eleanor knows that bows and arrows are for hunting game, not beginning a game.  Ignorance of this holiday is bliss, however, and she is quite relieved there is no special day for love, since she’s having a hard enough time fighting her tumultuous feelings about Lord Hugh without exposing them to the light of day, Valentine’s Day or any other.  The thought of sending Hugh a declaration of love by messenger would make her blush and fiercely protest that she has nothing but antipathy for her sworn enemy Hugh, (methinks the lady doth protest too much), and she would swiftly send chubby little Cupid packing, bow, arrows, and all.


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