Eleanor and the U.S. Mail

“The mail will stop delivering letters on Saturdays beginning in August!” This announcement has Eleanor in a hum, because she has no idea who “mail” is, other than the chain mail her knights wear — oh, and, of course, the arrogant Lord Hugh, whose forest borders hers, the one whose blue gaze shakes her to her core.  Back to the point (not as in dagger), when she has a letter, all she has to do is ask one of her maidservants, probably dear, loyal Agnes, to take it to a messenger — a male messenger,  not a mail messenger, and it will be delivered post-haste via horseback, on well-known roads through hamlets and forests.  With a flourish of trumpets, her message will arrive at its destination via a male wearing chain mail, Saturday delivery included.

Do any of you dear readers have any comments about the mail?  Feel free to weigh in!  Anon!



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2 responses to “Eleanor and the U.S. Mail

  1. Ahhh, simpler times when news didn’t bombard you 24/7… I am looking forward to Eleanor’s future musings, so refreshing, hilarious and easy to relate to…As for the mail, all I ever get is junk anyway!

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